Church Flooring

If you visit a church you really don’t know what type of flooring will be there. Some churches have inexpensive carpeting. Some churches have a stone floor. Some churches have expensive marble flooring.

I’ve visited all types of churches. In the same way, I’ve seen all types of flooring in churches. It was very popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s to install carpeting in churches. At the time, they were going for a different feel. The church and society were still dealing with the after-effects of the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. Churches needed to change. They needed a breath of fresh air. And they needed to blend a bit more with the culture.

They did this a few different ways. One of the ways was that they softened their teachings. Another way was that they changed their clothing. Fewer priests wore the cassock. It has been more common in the last few decades to see a priest in laymen clothing. Churches also look different. In the past, one would find candles, stained glass, and hard floors in a church. Instead, many churches were modernized.

Church Flooring

Instead of candles, they installed lighting. Instead of stained glass, they put up paintings. And instead of hard floor many installed carpeting. Bishops hoped that, by changing the scenery, it would help rejuvenate the faith of many worshipers. The effectiveness of this decades-long campaign is still being debated.

The church continues to undergo renovations. After decades of installing carpeting, it seems that the trend is turning in a different direction. I am noticing that some churches have been removing carpeting. Many are discovering a beautiful hardwood or marble underneath. Why would anyone cover up a marble floor with carpeting? Maybe it preserves the marble better. Perhaps people slip less on a carpet. But one thing is for sure. Carpeting is the least aesthetic flooring a church can choose. To learn more about flooring, visit