Goodbye Carpet

A few years ago I bought my first home. It was a rambler. Or, some people know of it as a ranch. Essentially, the house had no stairs. This was convenient for a number of reasons. I didn’t have to worry about tripped on the stairs or carrying up heavy groceries. Having no carpet also meant that it was easier for me to take the old carpet.

I removed the carpet fairly quickly after purchasing the house. I didn’t want to wait too long. It was spring and the weather was very nice. The biggest factor in the rush to remove the carpet was that the house was still empty. If I took the carpet out, I wouldn’t have to move furniture around. If I waited I would pretty much have to move everything around anyways! I’d have to move a bed in the bedroom. I’d have to move the couch in the living room. I’d even have to move the television and all of the wires and cables behind it. No, thank you! I was on a mission to remove the carpet right away. Learn more information about modern flooring.

Goodbye Carpet

I also had to remove the wallpaper. Who likes wallpaper in every room of the house? That may have been in style decades ago. But modern times call for modern changed. The wallpaper had to go. Speaking of being modern, carpeting is definitely not trending. People are slowing taking the carpet out and installing hard flooring. Luckily, there was beautiful wood underneath the carpet. I didn’t have to buy new flooring. I was thrilled! I was concerned that I would find some chipped wood in areas. But there were no bad spots.

In my current home, the flooring is about half carpeting and half wood flooring. Eventually, I want to remove the carpet and install a wood floor. Wood flooring is my favorite type of floor in a home.

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