How to Brighten Up Your Epoxy Floors with Color Flakes

Over the years, epoxy flooring systems have been giving homeowners and business owners great value for their money. Epoxy is probably the best-known type of resin flooring because as it fully bonds to any concrete surface, it effectively protects the base from abrasion, impact, wear, oil, water ingress, and other harmful chemicals. Although you can find several Epoxy Floor Coating Company in the market that can offer different benefits that will suit your unique needs, they all share the same distinct quality of unmatched strength. 

However, epoxy flooring systems aren’t only known to offer strength, durability, and the ability to stand up to brutal treatment, but they’re also famous for their beauty, elegance, and versatility. In fact, when you use vinyl color flakes, there’s no limit to the possibilities of adding vibrant hues and designs to your epoxy floors. With a little creativity, you can instantly transform dreary-looking concrete into stylish custom floors. Although beautifying your epoxy floor with color flakes is a great idea, a lot of users are not so sure about the sizes of the flakes that they’re supposed to use, the color combinations they’re supposed to make, and how they could figure out their application and the rates of floor coverage.

What Exactly are Color Flakes?

Also referred to as epoxy paint chips or color chips, vinyl color flakes are essentially aggregates of polymer paint that are primarily composed of vinyl and acrylic resins and are available in 150 custom colors. When both of these resins are combined, a thin flake or chip that’s about 4 to 5 mils in terms of thickness is produced. Furthermore, it’s possible for you to have a personalized epoxy flooring system because you can customize color matching when you work with these flakes. read more about epoxy future by clicking here

How to Brighten Up Your Epoxy Floors with Color Flakes

Furthermore, color flakes can be randomly shaped and can range from 1/32” to 1” in diameter. You can freely blend the colors together until the desired look is attained. The coverage rate of application depends on you as well. This means that you have the liberty to choose between light, medium, heavy to full refusal rates.  In case you’re wondering, full refusal refers to the coverage rate wherein the color flakes have covered the entire floor area to the point where the flakes stop sticking on the surface. 

Tips for Adding Color Flakes to Your Epoxy Flooring System

Most people choose the full refusal coverage rate because this allows them to customize the combination of colors. Regardless of your preferred coverage rate, it’s best to purchase more flakes than what you may think is needed. Did you know that when you apply your color flakes to full refusal, at least 5 mils of thickness is added to your epoxy flooring system? This will enhance its resistance to impact while improving its durability.

When it comes to determining the right color choices, you’ll need to consider your floor’s base color coat. For instance, shades of gray, tan, and off whites are three of the most popular choices for base color coats. The key is to make sure that your base color coat and your color flakes are within the same tone range.

Once you’ve applied your color flakes on your epoxy coating, you might want to finish it off with a clear coat of U.V. stable polyutherene. Doing so will prevent your floors from turning yellow over time due to the direct or indirect exposure to sunlight.